With a fine weekend laid out before me, I once again aimed myself to the northwest for some further exploration of the Boen Gulf area in Upper Buffalo Wilderness. Arrival to the wilderness access parking space occurred at 0615 Saturday morning. I say "space" because there's about enough room for one vehicle to park. This would be the entry to to Magnolia Falls, etc. I entered the forest at 0630 and followed the pretty fine trail all the way to where the middle prong of this creek system joins the right prong. From there on it was the main creek that guided me towards the Buffalo. The temp was around 40 at the start and the sun was beaming without impedance. Boen Gulf Branch really gets big down here. Tons of huge boulders requiring tight maneuvers over, through and around make this a difficult passage. The creek does frequently open up with some nice bedrock areas and mini bluffs.
  It was noon when the the creek connected to the Upper Buffalo and a big flat rock in the middle of the river called to me for a break and some lunch. A river otter slid into the pool below and made its way downstream and disappeared around the bend. This day was quite windy but still comfortable. The sun was warming as I relaxed fer a spell. Once finished I turned to the south and made my way upwards toward the bluff line and followed it until a suitable campsite was procured. I expected wind into the night so a large rock was used for a wind break. The night was clear with a 3/4 moon. The wind died down to an occasional breeze and my fire kept me up till around 1100. The low temp was 32. I got up at 0500 and decided to head back in the dark....made it back to the vehicle by 0700. Total distance about 9.5 miles. This was really an excellent trip. Boen Gulf Creek is beautiful and the water goes underground in many places. To see it with a bunch-o-water in it would be sweet. 

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