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  With the risk of beating a dead horse I venture into the Upper Buffalo Wilderness again. This short trip involves a short section of the Lower Fork of Whitaker Creek and a bluff above upper Whitaker Creek. Arrival to the Hawksbill Crag access parking area revealed so many cars that a couple were parked in the road. It was Friday afternoon around 4:15 and the sunny sky had reverted to a mostly disappointing cloudy one. I had planned on spending the night but changed my mind at the last minute. I began on the trail and quickly shot down into the creek bed of the Lower Fork of Whitaker Creek. Once again a typical creek for these parts was encountered and as usual when the bluff line was hit the water tumbled over a nice waterfall. The flow was excellent as this past week we had plenty of rain. I really should have been kayaking somewhere but I keep getting drawn back to the Upper Buffalo. I know not the name of this falls so I will call it Chucky Billy Falls. I was amazed that this sequence of drops was free of downed timber.....yay! A few photos were taken and the urgency of waning sun prodded me onward up the slope to the southeast where a bluff that I though might make a cool campsite was waiting. Unfortunately I was disappointed by this site and the dreaded desire to abort the mission engaged my mind. A few photos were taken as the sun poked through here and there and lit the surrounding ridges with a yellow glow. I am sad that in this wilderness so many farms and dwellings can be seen from many vantage points. One of the houses is Tim E's and I have seen it from a few spots out here. This detracts from the wilderness experience...for me...anyway. I did make it back to the road after sunset and a beautiful red sky was waiting for me there. There was about a half-o-mile to go but it was an easy and quiet walk to the vehicle from there. I will...of course...be back for there is much more to see here. Temp was around 58 and breezy. Total mileage about 4 miles.

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