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  I will explore another tributary of the Upper Buffalo this week...Adkins Creek. Temp 45 degrees on arrival to the parking spot that serves the Adkins Falls area. The woods be dark at this time-o-day so headlamp blazing...into the shrubbery I go. I entered the creek valley well above the wilderness area to be sure nothing cool was missed up there. Nothing was missed...for there was not much to see until I crossed the boundary line...and it was like night and day as I stepped across into protected territory....although is was still pre-dawn...and not actually night or day. This creek has its own unique personality while retaining the usual bedrock here and boulder there topography. A fall was passed on the left from a feeder creek...possibly Leaning Log Falls?...not sure...but it did not attract me so I went on until Adkins falls was on the right. I checked it out and was not favorably affected by its sight. It is a double drop fall with a pool above and below...with water falling between these. The stream was followed downward until the Buffalo was encountered and a left turn was made here and an upstream track was partaken of. I was forced up the slope and decided to just go ahead and make my way back towards the parking area. Temp maxed out at 75 with a sunny sky. All went well. In at 5:30. out by 12:30, distance about 8.5 miles. I liked this creek but not as much as Whitaker Creek.

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